Manufacturing Sharpline: Sterilization Container Systems

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SHARPLINE premium model sterilization case are designed to perfect steam flow and penetration for loads in accordance to the standards and can be used with single use paper filter or reusable PTFE (Teflon) filters.



Sharpline Integral model surgical container systems are designed to provide different filtering mechanisms in a single surgical container according to user preference. Integral model sterilization case systems can be used with 3 different filtering mechanisms.

  • PTFE System
  • Valve system
  • Bio-Stop System

Surgical Instrument Container

sterilization case

Sharpline fenster model sterilization surgical instrument container system is one of its patented products. What makes this model different from the others is the window on the lid which its name comes from.

This window of made of high performance PPSU transparent material which is resistant against high temperature, impacts, scratches, deformation, discoloration and chemicals and it opens users a way to visually check inside of the sterilization container without opening the lid.